Poetry Written for any occasion

I enjoy writing poetry in honour of all types of occasions. Below, you will see examples of poetry I have written (with names and locations altered) for: 
If you would be interested in having me write a poem on your behalf for any occasion, the package priced at $330 (inclusive of GST)  includes: 
  • An  initial consultation by phone or email
    • This hour would allow us to design how you would like the poem to be written and the photos you would like to include. 
    • You can prepare for this in writing through a questionnaire I will send you. Filling this form out beforehand is completely optional. 
  • My writing the first draft including putting your photo(s) of choice​
  • Your review of this first draft
  • My corrections according to your wishes
  • A PowerPoint version sent to you that you can edit as you wish. 
Please either: 
Reflections on various current topics and ideas
Click on each cover to go to the actual poem. 
King Corona.JPG
Does Creativity Require Humanity Cover.J
As we move from 2016 to 2017.JPG
Flowers & Candle
Click on each cover to go to the actual poem.
Upon Reaching a Half Century.JPG
Happy 45th Birthday Michael.JPG
Upon Reaching a Half Centure, Ode to Qui
From my brother on his 40th.JPG
A Special 21st.JPG
Gradient Ocean
Weddings and Funerals 
 Click on each cover to go to the actual poem.
Sabina and Lawrence on their Wedding.JPG
In Loving Memory of a dear fellow.JPG
Gold Mosiac
Retirements and Goodbye's
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To William on his Retirement as CEO.JPG
Upon Departure for Different Lands, Fran
Bon Voyage to our yoga teacher.JPG
Shadow on Concrete Wall
Tributes to brilliant organisations --
(could be people as well)
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Ode to Quest.JPG
Wedding Bouquet
Love Poems
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A Brief Heart Opening.JPG
Perhaps he could be happier.JPG
Beggar on the Street of Love.JPG
A Jaunt with An Older Man.JPG
Love Priomordial.JPG
My Spaniard turning 50.JPG
The Musician.JPG
A Romantically Inclined Samaritan.JPG
A Fellow Reader With Whom to fall in Loe
On Troubadours.JPG
Goodbye my Love.JPG
A Desire she has created.JPG
Seeking the Philosopher's Stone.JPG