A Scenic Tour of the Little Bay Area ("HQ") 

In addition to Crows Nest and McMahons Point, Little Bay is one of the locations for psychotherapy and meditation courses.  I have a beautiful meditation room set up for this purpose and a few different settings to spend one-one time with clients.  If appropriate for both you and the focus for our session, we can also walk and talk on one of the National Park paths or sit on one of the beaches to reflect.  


Looking north, the next suburb is Malabar and then Marboura Beach. Looking south, La Perouse is the next suburb.  La Perouse is at the end of the peninsula that ends as the Northern Heads of Botany Bay.   

The drive between Sydney and Little Bay takes twenty minutes when it is not rush hour in the morning or evening. There is parking everywhere. 

There are buses running at least every 15 minutes and sometimes more often.  These buses travel between Little Bay and Circular Quay, as well as between Little Bay and Central Station.  The bus trip these days is about 40 minutes' long. 

Clicking on any of the following connections will take you to sites that provide more information about Little Bay's environs:

Aerial of little bay with airport.PNG

Below you will find two sets of media:


  1. Four videos that show you Little Bay from the sky and Little Bay from the ground.  One is a video of the Little Bay Chapel with its beautiful stained glasses.  

  2. After the videos, you will find a slide show of images that show you:

    • Little Bay itself​, a beautiful beautiful ocean beach with a village of restaurants, grocery stores, chemist and doctor/dentist's offices.  Little Bay is in danger of being significantly overwhelmed by Meriton's latest plan to build skyscrapers.  Help us rally against this by going to this site. 

    • Going north, Malabar and the National Park Coastal Walk between Malabar and Maroubra

    • Going south, the Cape Bank's National Park walk, taking you from Little Bay around the peninsula (forming the northern heads of Botany Bay) to La Perouse

    • Heading north from La Perouse along Botany Bay through Botany Bay, a bayside beach that could be in danger of being turned into a Cruise Terminal (we hope not)

Five Videos of Little Bay

With Gratitude to the videographers: Hi Hai, The Walking Kamaboko, The Coast Chapel, the Prince Henry Centre, and Sky Rimer. The last video shows the Prince Henry Centre, which is one possibility for team workshops. 

Slideshow of Little Bay and its Environs

01. Little Bay side of Peninsula

View of La Perouse Peninsula, the northern headland of Botany Bay.  This view is looking South, and the Little Bay rectangle shows in the lower middle right.