I just know there are reasons for all that we do . . .

For all whom we meet, and all that we rue

So, the universe has brought me a gift in yourself

Tonight, I’ll toast to you and drink to our health.


So, lift your glass, and toast the moment.
That’s all that there is, no need for torment.
About pasts that can't change, about futures that don’t exist
About flaws, about jealousies, about the pain that persists.

Thank God for our humanness, and thank God for this life.
Thank God for this music which seems so rife.
It teaches us of love, of tenderness, and care,
Of friendship, of honour, of giving beyond compare.

God grant us the serenity, God grant us the love
And steer us towards Heaven, which need not exist above.
Show us the way to Heaven here on Earth,
I trust Your guidance, and I honour Our worth.

- written by Katharine McLennan 2007

Background Painting by Sarah Churchward Norton

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This above all--to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as night follows day, thou canst not then be false to any human

- William Shakespeare


Brilliant orange sunrise over clouds in